10 Sep

Arizona Will See It’s First High School Martial Arts Programs

After years of much to-do made about Uniondale New York’s Kellenberg Memorial High School offering taekwondo instruction as physical education for freshman and sophmores schools around the country are now adopting martial arts programs of their own. Starting this fall at several schools in Chandler, Arizona the Budo Shingikan will be teaching high school students martial arts as part of the physical education curriculum. Specifically, there will be offerings in both Jiu Jitsu and in Japanese martial arts.
Wendy Stern a 41 year old mother of three children who will all be taking part in the program remarked “I Think it’s great. Not only do my children get a great physical education but they will be learning to defend themselves from potential bullying.” The program is set to be featured in three different local area schools and will be reassessed at year’s end in order to gauge the program’s overall effectiveness. The Budo Shingikan has long been a staple of the local area Arizona community and martial arts brotherhood with instructor D’Antonoli leading the way.
For more information on the Budo Shingikan you can visit their website at www.martialarts-chandler.com