02 Jun

Staten Island Students Get On The Mats For Some Martial Arts Training

A bunch of students at New Dorp high school in Staten Island, New York have taken to the mats for some martial arts instruction. The purpose is not to create violent students but to allow them to be able to defend themselves, if need be, once the go out into the adult world after they graduate. The classes count as physical education for the students since the training also serves as a great workout regimen for them.
The lessons are provided courtesy of Master Curry’s Martial Arts in Staten Island with Master Thomas Curry himself teaching. Master Curry is providing the school with the instruction at cost because he said he feels like its “a great way to give back to the Staten Island community.” He teaches the classes every week at the school on the school’s rotating class schedule which is no problem because Master Curry does not teach outside classes during those times. The vast majority of the students had not yet been exposed to martial arts but Master Curry says that’s no problem as he teaches beginners all the time at his school.
One of the most important and valuable things that Curry teaches these high school kids is how to identify a situation where you NEED to use self defense versus a situation where you can walk away. Curry says that helping these kids realize there’s almost never a situation where you need to actually use martial arts. That being said, his classes do cover a variety of techniques and depending on the grade he’s teaching, the skill level involved will change. For example, the freshman only learn basic techniques like blocks, punches and very basic forms whereas seniors will learn advanced throws and even some grappling techniques. “It’s all in a days work” says Master Curry.

02 May

Hunter Greene Featured On Cover Of Sports Illustrated

Many are calling Hunter Greene “The LeBron of baseball” as well as “The next Babe (Ruth)” and he’s still just in high school. Also of note is the fact that he’s now been featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated… and he’s only seventeen years old. Many assume he will be the first overall pick in the Major League Baseball Entry Draft in the middle June of this year barring any unfortunate injuries during his senior year of course.
He throws a hundred and two miles per hour with great off-speed and breaking stuff to go with it, but that’s not even the most impressive thing about Greene. He’s a five tool player to boot. He can pitch, hit, play the field, run and throw from the field with incredible accuracy. Whether he ends up as a starting pitcher, a reliever, an infielder, or an outfielder in the majors is yet to be seen but, barring a terrible injury, he will be in the Majors for many, many years to come.
Greene has wowed the country with his searing fastball and overall talent to the point that he’s no joke and the entire league is now on notice. Many people are wondering if any attempts at trading up for the first pick will even be made this year because the price will be a hefty one – likely a young, already established, all star pitcher plus several other draft picks. Right now, this year’s first pick belongs to the Minnesota Twins and we don’t expect that to change but anything is possible. As of now, it’s pretty safe to assume Greene will be pitching in Minnesota’s farm system for the next two or three years depending on his performance. Greene has not expressed any interest in playing for any one team in particular and seems as though he would absolutely play for whichever team ends ups drafting him in June.

24 Mar

Where Will Michael Porter Jr. Ball Next Season?

His senior year and season have come to an end. So what’s on the horizon for Michael Porter Jr.? The forward just came off an incredible season at Nathan Hale High School in Seattle. We do know he will be playing basketball in the NCAA on a full scholarship next season. We just don’t know where exactly and we won’t know for sure until he commits fully to a school because every school in the country would love to have him on their roster.
However, we do have a few leading candidates so far. One such candidate WAS the University of Washington but since they just had a fairly shocking head coaching change, all bets are now off, especially since Porter has since requested his release from his commitment to Washington. The leading candidate is now likely Missouri because Porter’s father has been offered a job on the team’s coaching staff and Porter’s brother attends college nearby so relocation would make sense as well. Another potential suitor for Porter could be Oklahoma because Porter’s former teammate and good buddy, Trae Young, will play for them next year. One way or the other, Porter is the number one candidate in the entire 2017 draft class so any school with a chance at landing him would be crazy to not do everything in their power to land him.

08 Feb

Your Best Five High School MLB Draft Prospects For 2017

Last year’s MLB draft was full of high school picks but, this year’s draft should go the other way. That being said, we will still see the best and brightest stars in high school baseball take their talent up to the big show. This of course means being part of a major league organization because no high school picks ever go straight to the majors anymore but that’s neither here nor there. Here are your top five high schoolers likely to get drafted into the MLB in 2017:

  1. Hunter Greene – Pitcher

  2. The 6’3 pitcher from Sherman Oaks, California is number one across the board among scouts. Greene is widely regarded as a future five tool player – possibly the only one out of this high school draft class.

  3. Royce Lewis – Shortstop

  4. The 2016 LA Times High School player of the year, Royce Lewis is considered the best position player coming out of high school. He has a big bat and the glove to match it.

  5. Jordan Adell – Outfield

  6. Adell likely would be the top high school prospect entering the draft but inconsistency at the plate has plagued him a bit too much for that. He still lands in the top three because of his stellar power and lightening fast speed on the bases and in the outfield.

  7. Alex Toral – First Base

  8. The would be top prospect from a year ago had his power wane a little bit this year. However, Alex Toral is still a force to be reckoned with – bet on it.

  9. Mark Vientos – Third Base

  10. Mark Vientos can play the whole left side of the infield with ease (see Alex Rodriguez) and is seen as the most consistent hitting draft prospect coming out of high school.

11 Jan

Hamidou Diallo Is Off To The Kentucky Wildcats… For Now

The tenth ranked high school basketball player in the nation, Hamidou Diallo, has committed to play his college basketball for the powerhouse Kentucky Wildcats. At 6’5 and 200 pounds Diallo is a force to be reckoned with on the basketball court. He played his high school ball with Putnam Science Academy in Putnam, Connecticut and had an incredible career there. He plays point guard and has gained fame for his tremendously devastating dunks and long reach.
Diallo may not actually see any time in the NCAA, however. He is draft eligible for the NBA as he has completed high school in New York and actually spent the last season at prep school in Connecticut. If he does make the leap to the NBA he should expect to spend some time in the developmental league before he ever sees any actually time on an NBA court – so it may make more sense for him to spend a year or two in the NCAA which could also help him propel his draft stock higher so long as he does not get seriously injured in college.

16 Dec

Yet Another High School Uses Martial Arts To Empower It’s Students

Charles O. Dickerson High School in Trumansburg New York is the latest school to incorporate martial arts into it’s curriculum and it’s paying off with students who have higher esteem and enjoy their physical education much more than they ever have before. The style taught is Seido which is a more crass and basic form of karate involving punching, kicking and blocking and although it is more simplistic than a form like BJJ it is doing wonders for the students.
So far, the popularity of the program has soared among students and the results of the program are quite noticeable as well “The students work to develop a strong spirit and a strong mind, resilienceā€ said head instructor Robin McColley. The students also get encouraged to practice their technique together as they help each other study for exams and complete various assigned projects. The children get the choice to take the program as an elective rather than the more traditional physical education programs but still must take at least a year of regular gym class. However, this does mean they can train martial arts as their physical education for three out of their four years in high school.
While they take the program the kids are encouraged to train with an open mind and a belief in their selves. The program also uses the registration fees the participants are required to pay to fully pay for a trip to New York City to train at the official Seido headquarters towards the end of the year. As for now, there is no end in sight for this high school martial arts program.

19 Nov

Fort Worth High School Students Get Something More Out Of This Martial Arts Class…

With a lack of available legitimate after-school options several high school students in Fort Worth, Texas are loving a martial arts program located right next door in Arlington. Waugh Jiu Jitsu academy is not only helping these kids learn self defense but the instruction in the classes offers a bit more than that as well. Head instructor, Orlando Waugh, is also mentoring the students – giving them advice on the tough situations that they face everyday. The talks he has with his students range from discussions about the pressures for drug use to focusing on school work.
“Sensei Waugh is really helping to guide us” said Jeff Sharkey, a 17 year old high school student from Fort Worth. The classes have also had quantifiable results as well. Of the eight Fort Worth students that are currently enrolled in his school all have seen a massive drop off in high school absences and considerable increases in test scores since they have started training at Waugh Jiu Jitsu.
Waugh’s academy offers adults & teens high quality instruction in jiu jitsu as well as offers children more traditional martial arts programs. All of this is done at family friendly prices and with a schedule that is set around traditional work and school hours. Some of the sensational reviews from these high school kids could be considered subjective but one thing is for sure – they love to train there and never miss a class!

10 Nov

Top National Point Guard Commits To Oregon

The Oregon Ducks continued their recent winning ways by landing five-star point guard Troy Brown Jr from Centennial in Las Vegas, Nevada. Brown made the announcement on social media with a viral video. Brown is highly touted as one of the nation’s top point guards going into college and the 13th highest rated high school prospect. Oregon also landed commitments from several other top 50 prospects recently to solidify their upcoming NCAA campaign, one in which they are expected to, at the very least, return to the elite 8.
Brown (pictured) is 18 years old, 6’6 and over two hundred pounds which matches the physical attributes of such greats as LeBron James at that age. Other schools that Brown was considering for college were Ohio State, UNLV, Kansas, Georgetown, Arizona, Alabama, and California. His sophomore and junior campaigns were overall disappointments. However, Brown earned All-American honors in his last season in high school with ease nearly averaging a triple double. He capped off his incredible high school career by winning a gold medal at the FIBA U17 World Championship in Spain over the past summer. Brown remarked “I think I will be able to play a lot of minutes and be able to play multiple positions and be a big factor next season.”

08 Oct

Here Are Your Top 5 Schools For The Upcoming High School Baseball Season

We are already thinking about the upcoming high school baseball season here at High School Sports One. The following is our preliminary list of the top teams to watch this year, all with a solid chance at bringing home a championship at seasons’ end:


  1. Buchanan
    They ended 2016 as the top team and they will begin 2017 as such too. Will they stay there? Probably not. They lost a few big time All-American players to graduation but they have some promising incoming prospects as well. It should be interesting too see how their season unfolds.

  3. Archbishop McCarthy
    Nipping strong on Buchanan’s heels will be Archbishop McCarthy. They have, arguably, the country’s best power hitting prospect and some of the best pitching and bench depth as well. They could be number one real fast once the season gets going.

  5. Barbe
    Another strong contender for the top spot in the nation by year’s end will be Barbe. With one of the nation’s best coaches, gold medalist Glenn Cecchini, and a team that barely lost any players in the off season they should be one of the top teams to watch in 2017.

  7. Dallas Jesuit
    If they had kept superstar left hander Kyle Muller they would have been one but instead they sit three spots lower at four after losing him to the Major Leagues in the off-season. He just made that much of a difference.

  9. Orange Lutheran
    The team held onto it’s strong core of outfielders and infielders but lost most of it’s core pitchers. It could be a great year, a terrible one or anywhere in between for Orange Lutheran. It should be VERY interesting to watch.

28 Sep

Kickboxing After School Helps Students Manage Stress & Stay In Athletic Shape

Recently, students from Johns Creek, Georgia area high schools have seen a lot of their student athletes ditch their out of school gym memberships for an alternative workout program – cardio kickboxing. Students from many of the schools’ athletic programs including track and field, football, basketball and baseball have started to use the programs as an alternative to going to the gym after school in order to supplement their training regimen. Where is this going on, you ask? Many have chosen ilovekickboxing-cummingga.com as their hot spot for training.
The program continually changes the workouts it offers which, in turn, helps the students to prepare for unlimited competitive situations. It also helps cause muscle confusion which helps the student-athletes keep in shape thus helping endurance and overall performance. Local area Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach, Rick Walsh remarked “I think it’s great – they’re all taking initiative and having a great time doing so, that’s what it’s all about these days.” The program offers a unique and flexible schedule which allows students the opportunity to train outside of their set school hours.

10 Sep

Arizona Will See It’s First High School Martial Arts Programs

After years of much to-do made about Uniondale New York’s Kellenberg Memorial High School offering taekwondo instruction as physical education for freshman and sophmores schools around the country are now adopting martial arts programs of their own. Starting this fall at several schools in Chandler, Arizona the Budo Shingikan will be teaching high school students martial arts as part of the physical education curriculum. Specifically, there will be offerings in both Jiu Jitsu and in Japanese martial arts.
Wendy Stern a 41 year old mother of three children who will all be taking part in the program remarked “I Think it’s great. Not only do my children get a great physical education but they will be learning to defend themselves from potential bullying.” The program is set to be featured in three different local area schools and will be reassessed at year’s end in order to gauge the program’s overall effectiveness. The Budo Shingikan has long been a staple of the local area Arizona community and martial arts brotherhood with instructor D’Antonoli leading the way.
For more information on the Budo Shingikan you can visit their website at www.martialarts-chandler.com

29 Aug

A Big Home Field Disadvantage For Syracuse

Fowler High School in Syracuse could end up going almost a decade without any athletic fields. Fowler has renowned programs in both football and soccer which both are in desperate need of a home field. Construction on new fields is not expected to begin until 2018 as discussed in a school board meeting late last week.
In general, construction on the fields is expected to take longer than previously expected. A lot of the hold ups are expected to be due to financial issues both with the school and county. Making matters worse, the area is one of the poorest in the entire state. The lack of a home field has severely hurt morale on many Fowler teams so far.
Construction is expected to being very soon but construction estimates have not been consistent thus rendering it difficult to truly guess when the project might be completed by. School officials and construction company employees were not immediately available for comment on the situation.

27 Aug

Madison McPherson Wins MaxPreps/NFCA National High School Player of the Week

Marion County High School star softball player, Madison McPherson, won last weeks MaxPreps/NFCA National High School Player of the Week award for her dominant performance over her last three games in which she won all three, struck out thirty eight batters, and did not allow a run. She also helped her team’s efforts on offense by getting five hits which lead to a couple runs batted in and five runs scored.
The Maxpreps award is a prestigious honor given out once a week during the regular season to the best player in the country. The Maxpreps award is the high school equivalent to the Major League Baseball player of the week award. This was the first time that Madison McPherson won the award and the first time in several years that a player from Marion County High School has won the award.

23 Aug

Findlay Prep Will Need Yet Another Coach

Findlay Prep will have to, once again, undergo a search for a head coach as Andy Johnson announced that he will be moving on to accept a job as an assistant coach at South Utah University. The upcoming season for Findlay prep held a lot of potential and high expectations. Findlay Prep will now have to hire it’s fifth head coach in six seasons.
Johnson will be joining another former Findlay Prep Coach, Todd Simon, who is the current head coach for South Utah University. This will be Coah Johnson’s first collegiate coaching job after spending two years coaching in the high school ranks – both with Findlay prep. Assistant Coach Rodney Haddix has been named interim coach but is not expected to retain the position full time.
Since the basketball program started ten seasons ago eight players from Findlay have been selected in the NBA entry draft. Johnson & Findlay Prep’s athletic director were contacted for comment but neither have yet to get back to us.

19 Aug

HS FOOTBALL: Robinson & Turnovers Lead Lee Over Jones County

Lee County’s defense stood strong with recovering three turnovers while running back Mark Robinson rushed for 157 yards en route to a 20-13 victory over Jones County on Thursday night. Akilies Leroy made his impact with eight tackles and a fumble recovery while the Lee defense did not waiver the entire game.
As in many high school games, that passing game was a dubious proposition at best. Both teams saw steady success on the ground with Lee taking a larger advantage. It was a big night on the road for Lee, the soon to be named “road warriors” as the team grinded through adversity and an overall very tough push back from Jones County. A tip of the hat goes to the coaches of both teams who managed the roosters and the game clock in grand fashion.
The game was a battle of wills that Lee came out on top of. The teams traded a pair of field goals each on the offensive side while Lee scored the eventual game winning touchdown on a five yard rush from senior running back Mark Robinson. The rest of the season looks bright for Lee – especially if they continue playing their hard nosed style defense like they most certainly did to start the 2016 season.