08 Feb

Your Best Five High School MLB Draft Prospects For 2017

Last year’s MLB draft was full of high school picks but, this year’s draft should go the other way. That being said, we will still see the best and brightest stars in high school baseball take their talent up to the big show. This of course means being part of a major league organization because no high school picks ever go straight to the majors anymore but that’s neither here nor there. Here are your top five high schoolers likely to get drafted into the MLB in 2017:

  1. Hunter Greene – Pitcher

  2. The 6’3 pitcher from Sherman Oaks, California is number one across the board among scouts. Greene is widely regarded as a future five tool player – possibly the only one out of this high school draft class.

  3. Royce Lewis – Shortstop

  4. The 2016 LA Times High School player of the year, Royce Lewis is considered the best position player coming out of high school. He has a big bat and the glove to match it.

  5. Jordan Adell – Outfield

  6. Adell likely would be the top high school prospect entering the draft but inconsistency at the plate has plagued him a bit too much for that. He still lands in the top three because of his stellar power and lightening fast speed on the bases and in the outfield.

  7. Alex Toral – First Base

  8. The would be top prospect from a year ago had his power wane a little bit this year. However, Alex Toral is still a force to be reckoned with – bet on it.

  9. Mark Vientos – Third Base

  10. Mark Vientos can play the whole left side of the infield with ease (see Alex Rodriguez) and is seen as the most consistent hitting draft prospect coming out of high school.