29 Aug

A Big Home Field Disadvantage For Syracuse

Fowler High School in Syracuse could end up going almost a decade without any athletic fields. Fowler has renowned programs in both football and soccer which both are in desperate need of a home field. Construction on new fields is not expected to begin until 2018 as discussed in a school board meeting late last week.
In general, construction on the fields is expected to take longer than previously expected. A lot of the hold ups are expected to be due to financial issues both with the school and county. Making matters worse, the area is one of the poorest in the entire state. The lack of a home field has severely hurt morale on many Fowler teams so far.
Construction is expected to being very soon but construction estimates have not been consistent thus rendering it difficult to truly guess when the project might be completed by. School officials and construction company employees were not immediately available for comment on the situation.