02 Jun

Staten Island Students Get On The Mats For Some Martial Arts Training

A bunch of students at New Dorp high school in Staten Island, New York have taken to the mats for some martial arts instruction. The purpose is not to create violent students but to allow them to be able to defend themselves, if need be, once the go out into the adult world after they graduate. The classes count as physical education for the students since the training also serves as a great workout regimen for them.
The lessons are provided courtesy of Master Curry’s Martial Arts in Staten Island with Master Thomas Curry himself teaching. Master Curry is providing the school with the instruction at cost because he said he feels like its “a great way to give back to the Staten Island community.” He teaches the classes every week at the school on the school’s rotating class schedule which is no problem because Master Curry does not teach outside classes during those times. The vast majority of the students had not yet been exposed to martial arts but Master Curry says that’s no problem as he teaches beginners all the time at his school.
One of the most important and valuable things that Curry teaches these high school kids is how to identify a situation where you NEED to use self defense versus a situation where you can walk away. Curry says that helping these kids realize there’s almost never a situation where you need to actually use martial arts. That being said, his classes do cover a variety of techniques and depending on the grade he’s teaching, the skill level involved will change. For example, the freshman only learn basic techniques like blocks, punches and very basic forms whereas seniors will learn advanced throws and even some grappling techniques. “It’s all in a days work” says Master Curry.

16 Dec

Yet Another High School Uses Martial Arts To Empower It’s Students

Charles O. Dickerson High School in Trumansburg New York is the latest school to incorporate martial arts into it’s curriculum and it’s paying off with students who have higher esteem and enjoy their physical education much more than they ever have before. The style taught is Seido which is a more crass and basic form of karate involving punching, kicking and blocking and although it is more simplistic than a form like BJJ it is doing wonders for the students.
So far, the popularity of the program has soared among students and the results of the program are quite noticeable as well “The students work to develop a strong spirit and a strong mind, resilienceā€ said head instructor Robin McColley. The students also get encouraged to practice their technique together as they help each other study for exams and complete various assigned projects. The children get the choice to take the program as an elective rather than the more traditional physical education programs but still must take at least a year of regular gym class. However, this does mean they can train martial arts as their physical education for three out of their four years in high school.
While they take the program the kids are encouraged to train with an open mind and a belief in their selves. The program also uses the registration fees the participants are required to pay to fully pay for a trip to New York City to train at the official Seido headquarters towards the end of the year. As for now, there is no end in sight for this high school martial arts program.

19 Nov

Fort Worth High School Students Get Something More Out Of This Martial Arts Class…

With a lack of available legitimate after-school options several high school students in Fort Worth, Texas are loving a martial arts program located right next door in Arlington. Waugh Jiu Jitsu academy is not only helping these kids learn self defense but the instruction in the classes offers a bit more than that as well. Head instructor, Orlando Waugh, is also mentoring the students – giving them advice on the tough situations that they face everyday. The talks he has with his students range from discussions about the pressures for drug use to focusing on school work.
“Sensei Waugh is really helping to guide us” said Jeff Sharkey, a 17 year old high school student from Fort Worth. The classes have also had quantifiable results as well. Of the eight Fort Worth students that are currently enrolled in his school all have seen a massive drop off in high school absences and considerable increases in test scores since they have started training at Waugh Jiu Jitsu.
Waugh’s academy offers adults & teens high quality instruction in jiu jitsu as well as offers children more traditional martial arts programs. All of this is done at family friendly prices and with a schedule that is set around traditional work and school hours. Some of the sensational reviews from these high school kids could be considered subjective but one thing is for sure – they love to train there and never miss a class!

10 Sep

Arizona Will See It’s First High School Martial Arts Programs

After years of much to-do made about Uniondale New York’s Kellenberg Memorial High School offering taekwondo instruction as physical education for freshman and sophmores schools around the country are now adopting martial arts programs of their own. Starting this fall at several schools in Chandler, Arizona the Budo Shingikan will be teaching high school students martial arts as part of the physical education curriculum. Specifically, there will be offerings in both Jiu Jitsu and in Japanese martial arts.
Wendy Stern a 41 year old mother of three children who will all be taking part in the program remarked “I Think it’s great. Not only do my children get a great physical education but they will be learning to defend themselves from potential bullying.” The program is set to be featured in three different local area schools and will be reassessed at year’s end in order to gauge the program’s overall effectiveness. The Budo Shingikan has long been a staple of the local area Arizona community and martial arts brotherhood with instructor D’Antonoli leading the way.
For more information on the Budo Shingikan you can visit their website at www.martialarts-chandler.com