19 Nov

Fort Worth High School Students Get Something More Out Of This Martial Arts Class…

With a lack of available legitimate after-school options several high school students in Fort Worth, Texas are loving a martial arts program located right next door in Arlington. Waugh Jiu Jitsu academy is not only helping these kids learn self defense but the instruction in the classes offers a bit more than that as well. Head instructor, Orlando Waugh, is also mentoring the students – giving them advice on the tough situations that they face everyday. The talks he has with his students range from discussions about the pressures for drug use to focusing on school work.
“Sensei Waugh is really helping to guide us” said Jeff Sharkey, a 17 year old high school student from Fort Worth. The classes have also had quantifiable results as well. Of the eight Fort Worth students that are currently enrolled in his school all have seen a massive drop off in high school absences and considerable increases in test scores since they have started training at Waugh Jiu Jitsu.
Waugh’s academy offers adults & teens high quality instruction in jiu jitsu as well as offers children more traditional martial arts programs. All of this is done at family friendly prices and with a schedule that is set around traditional work and school hours. Some of the sensational reviews from these high school kids could be considered subjective but one thing is for sure – they love to train there and never miss a class!