02 May

Hunter Greene Featured On Cover Of Sports Illustrated

Many are calling Hunter Greene “The LeBron of baseball” as well as “The next Babe (Ruth)” and he’s still just in high school. Also of note is the fact that he’s now been featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated… and he’s only seventeen years old. Many assume he will be the first overall pick in the Major League Baseball Entry Draft in the middle June of this year barring any unfortunate injuries during his senior year of course.
He throws a hundred and two miles per hour with great off-speed and breaking stuff to go with it, but that’s not even the most impressive thing about Greene. He’s a five tool player to boot. He can pitch, hit, play the field, run and throw from the field with incredible accuracy. Whether he ends up as a starting pitcher, a reliever, an infielder, or an outfielder in the majors is yet to be seen but, barring a terrible injury, he will be in the Majors for many, many years to come.
Greene has wowed the country with his searing fastball and overall talent to the point that he’s no joke and the entire league is now on notice. Many people are wondering if any attempts at trading up for the first pick will even be made this year because the price will be a hefty one – likely a young, already established, all star pitcher plus several other draft picks. Right now, this year’s first pick belongs to the Minnesota Twins and we don’t expect that to change but anything is possible. As of now, it’s pretty safe to assume Greene will be pitching in Minnesota’s farm system for the next two or three years depending on his performance. Greene has not expressed any interest in playing for any one team in particular and seems as though he would absolutely play for whichever team ends ups drafting him in June.