08 Oct

Here Are Your Top 5 Schools For The Upcoming High School Baseball Season

We are already thinking about the upcoming high school baseball season here at High School Sports One. The following is our preliminary list of the top teams to watch this year, all with a solid chance at bringing home a championship at seasons’ end:


  1. Buchanan
    They ended 2016 as the top team and they will begin 2017 as such too. Will they stay there? Probably not. They lost a few big time All-American players to graduation but they have some promising incoming prospects as well. It should be interesting too see how their season unfolds.

  3. Archbishop McCarthy
    Nipping strong on Buchanan’s heels will be Archbishop McCarthy. They have, arguably, the country’s best power hitting prospect and some of the best pitching and bench depth as well. They could be number one real fast once the season gets going.

  5. Barbe
    Another strong contender for the top spot in the nation by year’s end will be Barbe. With one of the nation’s best coaches, gold medalist Glenn Cecchini, and a team that barely lost any players in the off season they should be one of the top teams to watch in 2017.

  7. Dallas Jesuit
    If they had kept superstar left hander Kyle Muller they would have been one but instead they sit three spots lower at four after losing him to the Major Leagues in the off-season. He just made that much of a difference.

  9. Orange Lutheran
    The team held onto it’s strong core of outfielders and infielders but lost most of it’s core pitchers. It could be a great year, a terrible one or anywhere in between for Orange Lutheran. It should be VERY interesting to watch.