24 Mar

Where Will Michael Porter Jr. Ball Next Season?

His senior year and season have come to an end. So what’s on the horizon for Michael Porter Jr.? The forward just came off an incredible season at Nathan Hale High School in Seattle. We do know he will be playing basketball in the NCAA on a full scholarship next season. We just don’t know where exactly and we won’t know for sure until he commits fully to a school because every school in the country would love to have him on their roster.
However, we do have a few leading candidates so far. One such candidate WAS the University of Washington but since they just had a fairly shocking head coaching change, all bets are now off, especially since Porter has since requested his release from his commitment to Washington. The leading candidate is now likely Missouri because Porter’s father has been offered a job on the team’s coaching staff and Porter’s brother attends college nearby so relocation would make sense as well. Another potential suitor for Porter could be Oklahoma because Porter’s former teammate and good buddy, Trae Young, will play for them next year. One way or the other, Porter is the number one candidate in the entire 2017 draft class so any school with a chance at landing him would be crazy to not do everything in their power to land him.